Would you wear temporary cuticle tattoos?

Temporary tattoos are making a comeback, and we’re not talking about the old-school glitter butterflies you rocked in the boy band era!

Ciate, the trend-starting nail brand that brought us the now-infamous caviar, sequin, and feather effects, just rolled out their latest innovation—temporary cuticle tattoos ($12; sephora.com in February).

The press-on extends the edgy nail art effect past your digits, and couldn’t be easier to apply. Simply pick a motif from one of the five options, find a size to fit your finger of choice, then press the sticky side down and use a few drops of water to apply. After 10 seconds, you’ll have a unique new spin on the  statement nail, and just like the temporary tattoos of years past, they wear off on their own, or can be removed with acetone.


We were definitely intrigued—they’re a quick way to add an extra element of fun if you’re short on time, and much are easier than holding a steady hand to apply actual nail art.

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