Catching the mother of all bed bugs

The ability of bed bugs to return so quickly after human attempts to get rid of them has been explained by University of Sheffield researchers. Genetic analysis has shown that a single pregnant bed bug that escapes detection can be responsible for an entire infestation, rapidly producing generations of offspring.


Grand Canyon 'formed recently'

The world famous Grand Canyon, which snakes through the American state of Arizona, only took its present form relatively recently. New research suggests that most of it was put in place just five to six million years ago.


Hunter-gatherer European had blue eyes and dark skin

Scientists have shed light on what ancient Europeans looked like. Genetic tests reveal that a hunter-gatherer who lived 7,000 years ago had the unusual combination of dark skin and hair and blue eyes.


Hidden hierarchy in string quartets revealed

Scientists have come up with a way to reveal the pecking order within a string quartet.